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Acquisition & Procurement

Big Opportunities to Make a Big Impact

The job opportunities available with ACC carry big responsibilities. ACC plays an integral role in sustaining the entire US Army through procurement activities that involve everything from acquiring the world's most advanced technology to buying spare parts to keep equipment operational.

As an ACC acquisitions employee you will work with multifunctional, multidisciplinary teams that include personnel from areas such as engineering, logistics, manufacturing and procurement planning. Working collaboratively among customers, industry partners and staff, ACC contracting personnel engage in activities such as:

  • Performing market research to identify potential sources of supplies and services
  • Developing plans to ensure that a contract offers the best business solution for customers
  • Conducting negotiations to ensure adequate terms and reasonable prices are achieved
  • Evaluating proposals and making contract award decisions
  • Promoting adequate competition from both small and large businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations

ACC offers a dynamic and challenging work environment, and we reward people with the kind of career advancement opportunities that are rare in any field. Whether your job involves managing contracts for commercial off-the-shelf products or custom research and development initiatives, your job satisfaction at ACC will be high.

Acquisition & Procurement
Close Date Job Title Location(s)
Procurement Analyst
Salary: $28,545–$68,025
29 May 2017 Contract Specialist
Salary: $49,765–$78,270
5 Jun 2017 Contract Specialist
Salary: $50,024–$78,678
5 Jun 2017 Student Trainee (...
Salary: $36,281–$47,171
26 May 2017 Lead Contract Specialist
Salary: $72,168–$93,821
1 Jun 2017 Contract Specialist
Salary: $94,796–$123,234
5 Jun 2017 Contract Specialist
Salary: $72,544–$94,310

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