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Expeditionary Contracting

Opportunities to Make an Extraordinary Impact

If you are interested in putting your contracting and procurement skills to use where they matter most, an expeditionary position may be right for you. Expeditionary contracting personnel support our uniformed forces where they are deployed, including in support of humanitarian missions such as in Haiti. If you have a desire to assist Soldiers directly, build communities, renew nations, help spread freedom and democracy, and stand up for disadvantaged and oppressed peoples, these positions offer rewards not found in the typical office environment.

Generous financial incentives and other benefits are provided for civilians interested in working within a secured U.S. military base or forward operating base in deployed locations. You will work alongside other civilians such as State Department and other Federal agency officials as well as coalition partners. All bases provide essential services that support a safe and productive working environment.

Living conditions vary by location, but are generally the same accommodations provided to U.S. forces. Except in the most austere circumstances, meals are served in a Dining Facility and Administration Center that can accommodate most dietary needs or restrictions. Housing in field conditions can range from prefabricated buildings, to small trailers or even tents. Living space and bathroom facilities are shared with a roommate or possibly two roommates.

Most employment tours are for one year or two years, and occasionally may last six months. Training prior to your overseas assignment will include classroom and field exercises designed to simulate the conditions of deployment environments. As a procurement professional, you will receive specific training related to contracting.

If you believe one of these challenging positions is right for you, please review the available job postings on this page and send your resume via the link provided. We look forward to hearing from you, and we appreciate your interest in these important job opportunities supporting U.S. forces around the globe.

Other Resources

NOTICE: DoD positions supporting contingency operations open for public application are announced through USAJOBS.gov. If you are not a Federal government employee and are interested in applying, please visit this site to see if there are any open positions.

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