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International Opportunities

Working internationally with the Army Contracting Command (ACC) offers excellent opportunities to travel abroad, learn about other cultures and have the experience of a lifetime. Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, The Republic of Korea and Qatar warmly welcome Americans and offer great hospitality. See our map to learn more about ACC's worldwide locations.

Two featured international locations…

  • Germany is home to vibrant cities, fine shopping, picturesque villages, majestic castles and historical palaces.
  • The Republic of Korea is among the world's largest economies and is well known for its national quest for technological advancement.

International job opportunities with ACC are accompanied by generous financial benefits. And to help make your move to the host country an enjoyable one, a local sponsor can be assigned to personally welcome you and your family as well as answer any questions about your move, your new job and information about living overseas.

International Opportunities
Close Date Job Title Location(s)
26 Jun 2017 Information Technology...
Salary: $73,899–$96,072
26 Jun 2017 Information Technology...
Salary: $73,899–$96,072

Some of the benefits offered to overseas employees include the following:

Moving and Shipping Costs

The cost of your move is paid for, including shipping up to 18,000 pounds of belongings. Shipping is performed by professional movers who take the utmost care in packing and shipping. And for those belongings you choose not to take along, you can be compensated for the storage costs of those items in the United States. You may also ship one automobile at no cost to you.

Living Quarters Allowance (LQA)

LQA provides reimbursement for substantially all of the average employee's costs for rent, heat, light, fuel (including gas and electricity), water, taxes levied by the local government, insurance required by local law, and agent's fees required by law or custom to be paid by a renter. LQA is not taxable, and your job offer will include information about your entitlement to the allowance.

If you or your spouse or both own the residence, the LQA is computed based on the original purchase price of the residence. The purchase price is converted to dollars based on the conversion rate on the date of purchase, and the employee will receive up to 10 percent of the original purchase price not to exceed his or her maximum rate for up to 10 years. Only the expenses for heat, light, fuel (including gas and electricity), water, trash, and in rare cases land rent, may be included in the LQA utility costs.

Post Allowance

Post allowance is paid to compensate in part for the higher price of many goods and services in overseas areas. It is based on the employee's salary, work schedule, number of dependents, and the employee's duty station location. Changes in exchange rates also raise or lower the post allowance since exchange rates affect the cost of goods and services bought on the economy. Post allowance is not taxable and is also adjusted depending on the number of your family members.

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)

TQSA is authorized for employees who are eligible for LQA to help offset the expenses of temporary lodging, meals, and laundry expenses for up to 90 days upon arrival or for a period not to exceed 30 days immediately preceding final departure from the overseas post. Extensions of up to 60 days may be granted for compelling reasons beyond an employee's control.

Eligibility for Children to Enroll in Department of Defense Schools

School-age children are eligible for registration in one of the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS) on a space-required, no-fee basis if an employee was hired from the United States, has a transportation agreement, and is eligible to receive LQA. DODDS-contracted bus service is offered in many communities. Employees with school-age children should be sure to get information on bus routes before committing to a house, unless they are willing and able to provide their own transportation. For specific information visit the DOD Education Activity web site.

Full Access to Commissaries/Grocery Stores

With full access to commissaries/grocery stores, you can purchase food and most other household items at cost, which represents a savings of typically 30 percent compared to general market prices. Any you will enjoy having access to the items you're familiar with in American grocery stores!

For Expeditionary Positions, please see additional benefits information.

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