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"My Favorite Contract"

I’m Carol Lowman...

People have misconceptions about exactly what contracting is. Yes you put a contract in place, but it is so much more complex and so much more fun that just writing down a lot of words on a piece of paper. You’re figuring out what your customer needs. What’s the best way to get that good or service for your customer? And then you get to figure out exactly how you want to structure it. You have to consider industry. You have to consider timing. Planning is very important.

One of my favorite contracts was to, it’s called the form-fill-seal machinery and what it does, there is uhh, the way we get uhh, water to our troops in the field is through a ROW-PU, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit. Basically it’s a big camel, water camel that holds water and then you run it through the purification system and it purifies it so our Soldiers can drink it. But what do you do with it when you have a bunch of water; you have to put it in something right? Our requirement developers came up with an idea to come up with a packet of water that you could slide into the Soldiers’ pants on the uhh, on his combat uniform and uhh, water, bottled water is very, very expensive so this was efficient and uhh, you know a good deal for the taxpayer.

We found companies who had this material and we ran a test in uhh, in the field, in Fort Polk, Louisiana and we made thousands of these water packets. It was funny because I…I actually took some home for my kids. I told them to ride them around on their bike and jump up and down with them to make sure they were durable. ABC World News Tonight at one point had did a little story on this contract and…and noted that it was uhh, it represented very good value for the taxpayers. There’s tremendous job satisfaction in our line of work because you know you are directly impacting the Soldier.