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"Veterans in Contracting"

My name is Sylvia Rios-Holcomb...

I am the Executive Officer at the Expeditionary Contracting Command. I have been working for the command now for two years. Before Army Contracting Command, I served in the United States Army as a Financial Management Specialist. I did that for over twenty years.

Within the Army Contracting Command there is a diversity of service members, former service members. We have, folks from the Marines, the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy who bring a wealth of diversity and knowledge and experience to our command. With having….With us having 1 of every 5 civilians being a former military person, uh, we have an opportunity to share our experiences and to share our knowledge and to come to the table with different ideas on executing our mission and to make Army Contracting Command better; to make the Army better; and to support the soldiers out in the field certainly better because that diversity provides that opportunity.

I think applicants, especially if you are a Veteran; there is no doubt that…that you have some unique qualifications that, uh, you can bring to the table to make our workforce just that much better; whether it is leadership skills or your management skills, your unique technical expertise.

Those management skills of being able to organize your troops, and receive orders, and receive guidance and execute those to the…to accomplish the mission, have made me successful in the Army Contracting Command. Serving with the Army Contracting Command has helped me continue to exercise those responsibilities, simply because we are responsible for making sure that soldiers receive the goods and services that they need in the battlefield to be successful, and we are a part of making sure that that continues.

If anybody out there…if any Veteran out there is interested in Army Contracting Command I would say “you know what…get online and check out USAJobs, check out ArmyHire, go and checkout Army Contracting Command, Facebook, uh Twitter.” Opportunities are there. A lot of information are there, and more important I think there is potentially a misunderstanding of Army Contracting Command is simply for contracting people, and it is not. There’s a lot of positions, uh, that Army Contracting Command offers that are not just contracting, related to contracting. There are positions in management; ah there are positions also in financial management, administrative, personnel, um if you work in operations there are opportunities to work in operations as an Intel Officer are there, so again a lot of opportunities, and um, so I would say definitely if you are interested give it a shot and you’ll be surprised at how…ah how much is there.