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Hi, I'm Delores Peshoff and I am the recruiter for the Army Contracting Command's Deployable Cadre. Not only am I a member of the Deployable Cadre and the recruiter for the Deployable Cadre, I’m also deploying with the Deployable Cadre. I am very excited about it because I think it's an excellent opportunity. I know that there will be a lot of responsibilities on me when I deploy, and I’m looking forward to the challenge. I want to do the best job that I can.

The chief benefit to deploying with a cadre is the feeling of what you can do for the Warfighter. We buy a lot of stuff that’s critical. We support our Warfighters here as contracting people. When you’re a contracting person you’re at the fulcrum of business. You’re at the get go, the point where the rubber meets the road. If there’s no contract, there’s no business.

If the Army shoots it, flies it, wears it, or drives it or in any way uses it, there’s a contracting person who contracts for it. And a lot of those people are overseas, and they’re doing jobs right there in Afghanistan. They’re working with the services that are necessary in order to support the soldier who is there and in the field. And you’ll be doing that, and you’ll be having your hands right on the services and the goods that soldiers need when they’re in the field, downrange, and when they come back.

I think that the kind of person who is really going to excel. is somebody who’s going to be, first of all, very flexible. And you have to be a person who seeks out to learn about your career field because they need people over there who are sharp, who have been studying, who really want to learn. It’s a great learning experience. You will gain insight into yourself. You will advance yourself.