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"Pathway to ACC"

My name is Devin Fountain. I am a procurement analyst.

I’ve been with ACC for over three years now. When I began my career, I entered an intern program and, through that program, I was able to complete all of my requirements, at that time, that were set for the contracting profession. If you enjoy business administration, which includes marketing, finance, economics, statistics even, then you would definitely enjoy a career in contracting.

My background is business, and that’s actually how I got into the intern program. I went to graduate school for a Master’s in Acquisitions and Contracts Management, which just continues to support my educational background and requirements as a contracting professional. As of right now, you have to have a bachelor’s degree and at least 24 hours, um, of business‐related classes.

I would recommend as a college student to, first step, uh, get involved with your student career services. A lot of the agencies do have relationships with universities, uh, offering various internships. I definitely see ACC as a place to grow my skills. One great thing about ACC is that you are able to work in just about any part of the United States because ACC has subordinate commands all over and OCONUS, um, if you are interested in going overseas.

The most fulfilling aspect of working with ACC is working with the people and accomplishing ACC’s mission. I get to interact with not only our center, but outside of the center... our customers, and our contractors. And, I also get a sense of “I’m doing my part” on behalf of our Soldiers.